Plaza Commercial Real Estate’s consulting services are a smart option when you don’t need a full-service agent or buyer/tenant representation. As an experienced Wichita commercial brokerage, our extensive knowledge can help you get the best deal when you’re buying, selling or leasing property for your business. Get expert guidance for your next commercial real estate transaction with consulting from a Plaza Commercial Real Estate agent.

How a Commercial Real Estate Consultant Can Help You

Whether you’re working on a short-term project like a lease renewal or a long-range real estate investment strategy, your Plaza Commercial Real Estate consultant is a trusted ally. We’re here to assist with industrial, retail, farm, ranch, office and other properties. There are a variety of services commercial real estate consultants provide to help you reduce operating expenses, protect your assets and ensure you’re making sound investment decisions.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
In some cases, lenders, property owners or mortgage companies need a simple opinion of value on a property instead of a thorough analysis by a certified appraiser. A Broker Price Opinion (BPO) is prepared by a licensed real estate professional to help determine a property’s selling price or estimated value. While this may be slightly different from the appraised or market value, the BPO considers factors that can impact the property price, such as the historical and expected income and expense, comparable sale or lease properties, the surrounding communities and any capital improvements that are needed before the property goes on the market.

Buyer/Tenant Representation
When a commercial property lease comes up for renewal, a commercial real estate consultant can advise clients on negotiating the renewal, buying the property from the landlord or even evaluating a different property. A real estate professional’s expert guidance can help you determine how much you should pay, if any contingencies should be in the purchase agreement, how the lease should be structured, or other factors that may come up during a lease negotiation or buy out.

Property Tax Complaint Resolution
If you’re concerned about a property tax increase that seems out of sync with the value of your commercial property, we can help challenge the valuation. This may require an attorney and/or a certified appraiser, but we can assist with challenging the board of revisions or connect you with an experienced commercial real estate lawyer. 

Trade Area/Market Analysis
Considering growth into a new market? Our team can perform market research to collect stats such as traffic counts, population, income and more. 

Lease Agreement Analysis/Opinions/Negotiations
Your Plaza Commercial Real Estate consultant can provide insight into the local market to help you negotiate the lease or renewal for your office space, or they can negotiate on your behalf.               

Landlords and real estate investors should understand all of the factors that impact both the value of your property and the amount of control you have over it. A commercial real estate consultant can help ensure that rents, build out allowances, termination clauses, pass through expenses and options to renew or purchase are all structured appropriately for the market.

For example, if you’re looking to purchase a commercial investment property with existing tenants, you’ll want to have an attorney review the lease terms to ensure they’re legally sound. However, that won’t help you decide whether the property is a good investment. A commercial real estate consultant who’s familiar with the local market can review the rent and terms of the existing leases and then provide you with insight into how they affect the value of the property. You can then use this information to negotiate a fair price and rest assured you’ve made a sound purchase.

Construction Management
A commercial real estate consultant can assist with facilitating building exterior improvements or tenant space build outs, including selecting a contractor, bidding, design and managing construction.

Plaza Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services

As an experienced commercial real estate consulting firm, our brokerage team has the expertise to support all of your business property needs. We work with you to define your budget, ideas, goals and timeline. Then, we perform any needed research, identify potential roadblocks or opportunities and develop strategies to help you reach your real estate goals. Plaza Commercial Real Estate’s consulting services are tailored to fit your needs, including:

Property Acquisition & Sales

  • Financial Sensitivity Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation and Management
  • Before- and After-Tax Yield Analysis
  • 1031 Exchange Investment Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Investment and Financial Analysis
  • Capital Structure and Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Guidance
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Market/Trade Area Demographic Research

Commercial Leasing

  • Services for Landlords, Investors or Tenants
  • Commercial Lease Analysis
  • New Commercial Leases
  • Commercial Lease Restructures
  • Commercial Lease Renewals
  • Commercial Lease Term Negotiations
  • Build to Suit
  • Tenant Improvement Allowance and Cost Estimates
  • Pass-Thru Expense Analysis
  • Lease Buy Out Analysis

Commercial Construction

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