There are many factors to consider when searching for your business location. Plaza Commercial Real Estate agents can help you navigate the site selection process by gathering information and providing guidance so you can choose a location that will set your business up for success. Our brokerage team will help you find the perfect Wichita commercial site for your company.

Business Site Considerations

Whether you’re leasing or buying a commercial property, there are numerous factors to consider. And, those considerations vary depending on your business type and your customers’ needs and expectations. A Plaza Commercial Real Estate agent is your experienced partner to help you work through these factors to find, evaluate, negotiate and secure the best site for your business. We’ll help your work through questions such as:

Will your business be in compliance with the property’s zoning? Retail, office and warehouse spaces each have different zoning laws that regulate how the property can be used.

Is the property within your budget? Keep in mind any additional costs, such as parking and taxes. Also, will you have to raise your prices in order to cover the property expenses?

Does the area project the image you want for your company? This isn’t necessarily a concern for all businesses, but it might be a concern for your customers, clients or potential investors.

What other businesses are in the area? If you have a retail store or restaurant, for example, you may want a location near other similar business, like a shopping center.

Does the space work for your needs? If it has features you want, like meeting space, but will require extensive work to accommodate your power needs, it might not be the best fit.

Does the location offer conveniences your customers and clients need? This might simply mean a location that’s easy to find and access, with enough parking for your employees and customers.

What are the safety features for your staff and customers? Is there security on site? Is the parking lot well-lit?

Is there a lot of traffic nearby? This would be idea for retail and restaurant locations, but it might be an inconvenience if you’re looking for office space.

Site Selection Services

Plaza Commercial Real Estate provides site research and analysis services so you can have all the information you need to choose the ideal location for your business. Our site selection services include:

  • Site identification
  • Site visits
  • Market analysis
  • Traffic flow evaluation
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Property size analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Assessment for development potential
  • Financial analysis
  • Transaction managment
  • Negotiation
  • Consulting

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